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Health Tip Of The Week...

Make Small Changes

 Small, easy to accomplish and sustainable changes are often the best bet for people when it comes to changing to a healthier lifestyle. Change one thing…make it part of your healthier lifestyle so that you no longer view it as a change (typically after 30 days) and then move on to another change.  Become successful at making changes and you will benefit!

How Can You Start Growing Your Health?

We started the new year last week with an article about how our lifestyle choices affect our health.  The focus of the last HealthTip was to expose some of the many ways we consciously and unconsciously destroy our own health and we approached the subject from the point of view of "what could you stop doing that would contribute to your health?"

This week, we will briefly look at some of the things you could start doing that would also contribute to your health.  If you stop what is hurting you and start what will help you then this year could be a banner year for you and your health!

While this is, by no means, a complete list; it could represent a great place for you to start 2011 in as healthy a way as possible:

1.     Exercise-create a regular exercise program that you can and will commit to doing…

        the operative word is regular.

2.     Nutrition-become more knowledgeable about what you eat and more mindful as you

        eat it so you nourish your body rather than just fill your stomach.

3.     Lose fat.

4.     Drink plenty of pure water.

5.     Practice the art of self-relaxation.

6.     Detoxify your system.

7.     Make time for YOU.

8.     Get regular chiropractic check-ups and adjustments…again focus on regular.

9.     Make any other lifestyle changes that you think will contribute to your health.

The Bottom Line…The Bottom Line…The Bottom Line…

Many people have already given up on the new year resolutions…again.  Why do so many people fail at making the positive changes they promise themselves?  What we've found is that, more often than not, there is no crystal clear goal or objective and/or the necessary skills may be missing and/or there is insufficient motivation to do what needs to be done and/or the resources needed to get the job done are missing or simply, there is no plan.  We can help in all areas. Ask.

This issue of the HealthTip of the Week is brought to you as a public service by…
Gossett Chiropractic Arts

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