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Health Tip Of The Week...

Filling Your Family with Chemicals???
According to a recent report in NaturalNews, Americans spend about 90% of their total food budget on processed foods.  And yet we wonder why we have a health care crisis.  Processed foods are often crammed with chemicals, including colors, flavors and preservatives.  Apparently, many people don`t think twice about filling themselves and their children with chemicals.

Most Hospital Patients Clueless About Their Meds

A recent study published in the December. 2009 edition of the Journal of Hospital Medicine found that 44% of patients believed they were receiving a medication they were not, and 96% were unable to recall the name of at least one medication that they had been prescribed during hospitalization.
The researchers stated that, "our findings are particularly striking in that we found significant deficits in patient understanding of their hospital medications even among patients who believed they knew, or desired to know, what is being prescribed to them in the hospital."
Patients younger than 65 were unable to name 60% of medications which they could take as needed, whereas patients older than 65 were unable to name 88% of these medications. This difference remained even after adjustment for number of medications given.
About one in five hospital medication treatments was also found to be wrong, with either an improper dosage or an incorrect drug being administered.  Since the patient is the last stop before a drug is actually taken, researchers stressed the importance of patient awareness concerning drug therapies to avoid grave errors that could inflict serious harm.
This is astounding.  That means 20% of the drugs patients are given in the hospital are either the wrong drugs or the wrong doses.
And yet we ask, what's wrong with the current health delivery system and why is it so expensive?

The Bottom Line…The Bottom Line…The Bottom Line…

Don't you find it startling that most patients didn't even know what drugs they were being given! On the surface, this is bad enough but when you think about it, this really points to the massive dis-empowerment of patients in western medicine.  When patients don't even know what drugs they're being given, it puts all the power in the hands of doctors and medical staff.  And this study demonstrates that even medical staff all too frequently make mistakes that can be deadly.

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