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Health Tip Of The Week...

Americans Aren't Thinking Right
A study, published in the January, 2010 edition of the Archives of General Psychiatry found "drugs are being given to patients in all sorts of combinations without sound science showing they even work well together -- much less that these drug cocktails are safe to take".  In fact, the researchers point out specific dangers of taking multiple psychiatric drugs.

Improve Your Health and Happiness in 2010

Here are 15 simple ways to help you improve your health and happiness this year:
1. Get more sunshine…or at least supplement with a good Vitamin D.
2. Eat more locally grown produce…visit your local farmer's market weekly.
3. What drugs are you taking that you really don't have to have?  Ask your MD how to reduce your prescriptions.
4. Drink more pure water every day.  Get a good water filter so you don't have to keep buying bottled water.
5. Read a little every day.  Find books you enjoy and enjoy them.
6. Be regular with your chiropractic care.
7. Get your family started with regular chiropractic care too.
8. Take a relaxing bath.  Use salts.  Use aromatherapy.
9. Eat more fruit and vegetables daily.
10. Add to your current exercise program or start a regular exercise routine.
11. Get a good massage on a regular basis.
12. Add plants to your home and work environment in order to increase the supply of oxygen.
13. Park further away.  You'll get more sun and more exercise at the same time.
14. Try quinoa.  It's a high-protein, low-carb "grain" that can replace rice in your diet.
15. Make sure you take a moment everyday to consciously celebrate your life.

The Bottom Line…The Bottom Line…The Bottom Line…

There it is again everyone.  A drug to make you feel better but there is no drug to make you healthy.  Becoming and being healthy are driven by lifestyle and by the lifestyle choices you make every single day.  Awareness is the first step and that's why we publish this newsletter.  Beyond awareness is desire and discipline.  If you desire to be healthy and grow your health, you must be disciplined in deciding what is truly good for you and in your best health interests.

This issue of the HealthTip of the Week is brought to you as a public service by…
Gossett Chiropractic Arts

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