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Health Tip Of The Week...

Lifestyle and the Risk of Stroke
According to Joanne Murphy of The Stroke Association, depression is already a risk factor for heart disease and stroke.  She said, "everyone can help reduce their risk of stroke by making lifestyle changes, such as reducing their blood pressure, giving up smoking, reducing alcohol intake, improving their diet and getting plenty of exercise."

Happiness and Heart Disease

According to a study conducted by American researchers over a 10 year period and recently published in the European Heart Journal, "being happy and staying positive may help ward off heart disease."
The researchers found that the most anxious and most depressed were at the highest risk for heart disease.
The thought process is that happier people may have better sleeping patterns, be less liable to suffer stress and be more able to move on from upsetting experiences - all of which can reduce physical strain on the body.
In essence, what they're saying is that happiness raises one's ability to properly handle stress and that, in turn, has a positive effect on our health and our hearts.
While this is not the first study to suggest there is a link between happiness and health, the lead researcher said, "All too often people just waited for their two weeks of vacation to have fun when instead they should seek enjoyment each day.
If you enjoy reading novels, but never get around to it, commit to getting 15 minutes or so of reading in.
If walking or listening to music improves you mood, get those activities in your schedule.
Essentially spending a few minutes each day truly relaxed and enjoying yourself is certainly good for your mental health and may improve your physical health as well."
Our emotional well-being has always been associated with our physical well being.

The Bottom Line…The Bottom Line…The Bottom Line…

Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and you are lowering your risk of cancer.  Be happy and lower your risk of heart disease.  Eat more processed meats like sausages and bacon and you are raising your chances of getting sick.  Exercise regularly and maintain healthy weight and you reduce your risk of cancer.  Having a healthy nerve system improves health on every level.  One would think these are common-sense bits of information that almost everyone "knows" about.

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