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Computerized Nerve Scans


This is a NORMAL/HEALTHY sEMG scan. 3 things we are looking for in a normal EMG.  1)  You want white bars because that means you fall within the normal range  2)  You want the "pear" or "vase" shaped pattern in the scan because you should have more muscle activity in your mid-back than you do in your upper and lower  3)  You want the bars on the right to be about the same size as the ones on the left so you have symmetry in the muscles as well.


When you start to go away from normal then you see color and a tug-of-war developes in your spine from the right and left sides. There is a progression in the level of disturbance to your nervous system. It progresses from WHITE (normal) to GREEN (mild) to BLUE (moderate) and to RED (severe). If you see YELLOW that means your muscles are functioning below normal and if you see BLACK (a really big red bar) that means it was off the charts. These disturbances may be caused by slight misalignments of the spine called SUBLUXATIONS. This is an UNHEALTHY sEMG scan.


This is a picture of a HEALTHY/ NORMAL Thermal scan. This scan lets us know how well your Autonomic Nervous System is functioning. This part controls all your organs, glands and blood vessels. You want to see WHITE  bars and have a pattern that jumps side to side. When we start to go away from HEALTHY we start to see color and different patterns...


This is an UNHEALTHY Thermal Scan. The colors are going to progress just like in the sEMG (Muscle) scan. WHITE (normal) to GREEN (mild) to BLUE (moderate) and to RED (severe). If you see BLACK it was off the charts (a really big red bar). When you have these different colors of Nerve Disturbance, the longer the have been the more color you will have. For example; if you had a green bar in any region and you haven't had anything done to help it, it will progress to the next color which would be GREEN, then to BLUE and so on.

Now we will start to see symptoms or warning signs telling us that something is wrong. Like headaches, asthma, allergies, digestion problems, low energy, frequent colds or flus, not getting enough sleep, low concentration, ADHD/ADD, bedwetting, colic and earaches.

These scans aren't designed to tell us where you are having pain but to tell use how well YOUR body is FUNCTIONING or has adapted to the 3 dimensions of stress since birth. Less function = less health, even if you feel GREAT.

So how would you know if you or your family may be experiencing any of these disturbances (SUBLUXATIONS) in your nervous system?

If you want answers to the questions you may be asking yourself please call our office and schedule your appointment today!

What do you have to lose... except some of the problems you may already be experiencing or future problems.

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  • "I had become very frustrated with the way I was feeling. My headaches made me very tired and I would frequently have to nap after work or school instead of doing things I enjoyed. Occasionally, I would miss work because the pain was so severe."
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