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2 Stories

Here are 2 stories of patients who have come to a Chiropractor to help them get better as no one could find out a reason why. Ultimately we want you to understand that health is a choice and not just by chance. You have the ability to control where you want to go with your health. Whether it be in a postive constructive direction or a negative destructive destruction. You are never static or still on this continuum, always moving. Your body will give you signs that something is wrong so don't ignore those signs. Just like driving in your car and you oil light comes on but you don't do anything about it cause you think it will go away. As time goes on it is still on so you decide to just cover it with tape cause the light bothers you. Sooner than later your engine will sieze and you will have to replace the engine.


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  • "I had become very frustrated with the way I was feeling. My headaches made me very tired and I would frequently have to nap after work or school instead of doing things I enjoyed. Occasionally, I would miss work because the pain was so severe."
    Bismarck, ND

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