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Dakota Family Chiropractic understands that your body is self-healing and self-regulating, while being under complete control of the Central Nervous System (CNS).  Your nervous system controls EVERY tissue, muscle, gland, organ and cell in your body.   Blood pressure, muscle function, stomach acids, mood, athletic performance, metabolism, immune function......Every function of your body is controlled and processed by your nervous system.  Learn how this correlates to your posture and x-ray findings.
At Dakota Family Chiropractic, learn how chiropractic care--featuring technology that has been utilized by NASA--can change you and your family's life.  This technology helps identify the true underlying cause to your health issues and Nervous System interference.  Specific, gentle, chiropractic adjustments remove Nervous System interference, which enables YOUR body to begin to heal and function, optimally!

Who's checking your family's Life Line?  We have created a chiropractic wellness center dedicated to your overall health as a human being.  Our purpose is to remove interference to the expression of life, and to reveal to those who are interested, the source of true health and the manifestation of their fullest potential.  Is your Life Line functioning optimally?  Discover a life of unbounded health potential.  

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  • "I had become very frustrated with the way I was feeling. My headaches made me very tired and I would frequently have to nap after work or school instead of doing things I enjoyed. Occasionally, I would miss work because the pain was so severe."
    Bismarck, ND

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